In the enchanting world of “The Wheel of Time,” where destiny weaves intricate patterns, there’s a profound moment between Moiraine and her sister that holds a timeless lesson. A lesson that resonates not only within the fantasy realm of the show but also in the realm of personal growth and self-discovery.

Moiraine’s advice to her sister Anvaere from 30 years ago is reflected back to Moiraine in episode 5.

When Moiraine is thinking she needs to feel with Rand to protect him, Anvaere reminded Moiraine of the advice she was given…

“… she told me if something is upsetting you or making you afraid, you ask yourself one simple question.
Is it true?
Can you know beyond any doubt that it is true?
– Wheel of Time, Season 2, Episode 5

It is a powerful reminder of the principles found in Byron Katie’s transformative method, “The Work.” Let’s delve into how these seemingly different worlds can converge to guide us on a path toward inner peace and clarity.

1. Challenging Beliefs

In “The Wheel of Time,” Anvaere’s counsel encourages Moiraine to question the validity of information. Similarly, “The Work” prompts us to challenge our own beliefs and thoughts. It invites us to ask whether our beliefs are true, which can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves.

2. Self-Inquiry

The essence of both Anvaere’s advice and “The Work” revolves around self-inquiry. By questioning our thoughts and beliefs, we embark on a journey of introspection. We explore the narratives that shape our lives and often discover that some of these stories may not hold up to scrutiny.

3. Finding Inner Peace

Anvaere’s counsel ultimately serves to help Moiraine find inner peace by discerning the truth. In a similar vein, “The Work” is a powerful tool for finding inner peace amidst life’s complexities. It encourages us to let go of unnecessary mental burdens, paving the way for tranquility and clarity.

4. Embracing Change

In “The Wheel of Time,” the characters face a world in constant flux. Anvaere’s advice reflects the necessity of adapting to change. Likewise, “The Work” teaches us to embrace change with an open heart and a clear mind, as we navigate the ever-turning wheel of life.

By intertwining the wisdom from “The Wheel of Time” with the principles of “The Work,” we can better understand the profound connection between self-inquiry, challenging our beliefs, and finding inner peace. Moiraine’s timeless advice to her sister can echoe in our own lives as we strive to uncover the truth amidst the intricate patterns of our own journeys.

As you watch the characters in “The Wheel of Time” embark on their epic adventures, remember to embark on your own quest for self-discovery. Challenge your beliefs, ask if they are true, and find the inner peace that can guide you through the ever-turning wheel of your own life.

Kym Lawn
Kym Lawn

With a passion for personal development and over 25 years immersed in energy-based modalities, I bring a depth of experience and wisdom to my coaching at Untamed Midlife.