As the Southern Hemisphere welcomes the spring equinox, also known as Ostara, we find ourselves at a crossroads of nature’s renewal and a profound stage in our own lives – midlife.

In this post, we’ll delve into the symbolism of Ostara and how its elements can guide us on a journey towards finding sensuality, pleasure, and inner peace during this transformative stage.

Ostara is a time when the Earth awakens from its winter slumber. The soil warms, seeds sprout, and life bursts forth.

Similarly, midlife can be a reawakening of sensuality and a connection to our bodies that may have been overlooked or undervalued in earlier years.

Take time to feel the earth beneath your feet, walk barefoot on the grass, and reconnect with the physicality of being.

It’s an opportunity to embrace your sensuality and feel the pleasure that comes with it.

The air element in Ostara symbolises communication and clarity. At midlife, we often reassess our relationships and the way we communicate with others.

Use this time to have open and honest conversations about your desires and boundaries.

In doing so, you can create deeper connections and find peace in knowing your voice is heard and respected.

Fire is a powerful element associated with Ostara.

It represents passion, transformation, and the burning away of the old to make way for the new.

In midlife, it’s essential to rekindle your passions and embrace the changes that come with this stage.

Whether it’s pursuing a new hobby or reigniting an old flame, allow your inner fire to guide you towards pleasure and personal growth.

Water is the element of emotions and intuition, and it’s essential to navigate these waters during midlife.

Embrace your emotional depth, recognising that it’s a source of wisdom.

Listen to your intuition and trust the inner guidance that can lead you to a place of inner peace. Cultivate practices like meditation or journaling to access the tranquil waters of your soul.

Ostara, the spring equinox, reminds us that life is cyclical, and with each season comes an opportunity for growth and transformation.

In midlife, this is a time to nurture sensuality, pleasure, and inner peace by connecting with the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

Embrace the sensual awakening of spring, communicate openly, ignite your passions, and flow with your emotions. By doing so, you can find untamed pleasure and profound peace on your journey through midlife.

May your Ostara be filled with joy, growth, and the blossoming of your true self. ????????????

Kym Lawn
Kym Lawn

With a passion for personal development and over 25 years immersed in energy-based modalities, I bring a depth of experience and wisdom to my coaching at Untamed Midlife.