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Are you and your partner living in the “friend zone”?
You know what I mean…
You have been together for years, and years… You can’t imagine your life without them. They are your best friend, confidant, the one thing that gives you stability and solidness in your life…
You have made love so many times over the course of your relationship that you know exactly where to touch, what to say to finish quickly and get on with your life… perhaps even lying in the wet spot bemused and confused how it has come to this.
You have completely forgotten how to connect physically with each other and you can’t remember the last time you made love…
Either is often the un-talked about aspect of long term relationships, and it totally “normal”, you are not broken, nor is your relationship.
You can however have much more ?
As women, we have been conditioned to believe that after the kids leave home, we become invisible, we move into the role of “grandmother/babysitter” and continue to serve others as we have most of our adult life.
Traditional Society, mostly because of early death ages centuries ago, has set us up to be:
Modern Society, which has women live easily into their 80’s and 90’s goes more like:
The maga/healer phase of a woman’s life is the Autumn of life, lush, rich, ripe, sensual…
The phase that women have overlooked, have not known how to navigate, have not know how to step into.

Kym Lawn
Kym Lawn

With a passion for personal development and over 25 years immersed in energy-based modalities, I bring a depth of experience and wisdom to my coaching at Untamed Midlife.