The man who walks beside me and I were discussing wether or not to go to the local Carols event.

He expressed frustration at the other carols we had been to because they don’t play “traditional” carols anymore.

The conversation became much deeper when we explored what the word “traditional” meant to us.

For me, my childhood meant carols were what we sung at church as “hymns”

For him, it was more the Frank Sinatra style of carols – a different sound to what I experienced ?

Neither is right or wrong, the important thing was that we were able to explore our own interpretation of a word and see how our differences could cause misinterpretation of what we meant.

“Traditional” is one word.

Fairly much every descriptive word has meaning to us, and a different meaning or nuance of meaning to others.

Christmas is a time of crazy misinterpretation anyway ? so for this year, I invite you to consider what you are saying is not what is being heard ?

Kym Lawn
Kym Lawn

With a passion for personal development and over 25 years immersed in energy-based modalities, I bring a depth of experience and wisdom to my coaching at Untamed Midlife.