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Your 20-Minute Pathway to Clarity and Change

Are you a woman at midlife who's craving a quick rejuvenation of Mind, Body and Soul?

Welcome to QuickShift Sessions, short, impactful 20-minute sessions designed to provide targeted insights and actionable steps you can apply immediately to transform your midlife journey. 

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Why Choose QuickShift Sessions?

Sometimes you don't need weeks to see a change, you need it now! 
QuickShift is designed for those moments, offering rapid, meaningful shifts at an affordable price. 

Unlock Your Potential 

You're already whole and perfect, these QuickShift Sessions act as the key to unlock the next exciting chapter of your life.

 Soul Fuel

Just like a quick charge boosts your phone battery, these sessions provide essential insights to recharge your spirit and instigate enduring transformation.

Pocket of Peace 

Life is hectic, but these 20-minute sessions offer a tranquil space for self-reflection and realignment, an oasis amid chaos.

Coaching Vs Mentoring

Which Path is Empowering for you NOW? 

Coaching - Navigating the Present

Picture This: Coaching is like having a skilled guide to help you navigate the rapids of life's current. It's all about focusing on the here and now, uncovering your strengths, and propelling you forward with purpose.
For You: If you're at a point where you're ready to explore your current challenges, set goals, and develop the skills to overcome them, coaching is your companion in the now. It's like having a paddle in your hand, steering you towards your desired destination, whether that's a career shift, improved relationships, or a more fulfilling life overall.

Why Choose Coaching?
Action-Oriented: Coaching propels you into action, helping you tackle immediate challenges, set clear goals, and build essential skills for the present.
Self-Discovery: It's a catalyst for self-discovery, enabling you to uncover your strengths, values, and aspirations, which are vital for midlife transformation.
Focused on Now:  Coaching is your bridge to the present, providing tools and strategies to thrive in the here and now.

Mentoring - Embracing the Wisdom of the Journey

Now imagine: Mentoring is akin to sitting around a campfire with a wise friend who's walked the path before you. It's about drawing from their experiences and insights to light your way on your unique journey.
For You: If you crave the wisdom of someone who's been through the twists and turns of midlife, mentoring is your fireside chat. It's like being handed a lantern to illuminate the broader terrain of your life, helping you navigate transitions, make informed choices, and find your inner strength.

Why Choose Mentoring?

Wisdom Sharing: Mentoring is a source of wisdom from someone who's been there, done that, and emerged wiser. It offers insights, guidance, and a broader perspective on midlife.
Embracing the Journey:  It's about embracing the entire journey, acknowledging your past, and leveraging it to make informed choices and empowered decisions for your future.
Comfort in Experience: Mentoring offers comfort in knowing that you're not alone, others have faced similar challenges and emerged stronger.

Ultimately, whether you choose coaching, mentoring, or a blend of both, your midlife journey becomes a canvas for personal growth and transformation. It's about finding the right mix of support that resonates with you, as you embrace the opportunities and challenges that midlife brings



YAY Kym Lawn!!! ALSO, we should have given you a medal for being an EXCEPTIONAL MENTOR too!!!

Layla Martin



Such a beautiful soul you are. I feel so blessed to have you as my mentor Kym.  Sending you love love LOVE 




Hi Kym. I feel your loving kindness. Grateful you are a mentor.




Thanks for those words and that beautiful energy




Thank you for this gentle and loving reminder.  Feeling the shifts and celebrating this transition



Soft, Soft, Hard

I so needed to hear that thank you!!  Soft, Soft, hard and return to soft... YES!!!



Kym Lawn Life Transition Coach

Your Mentor: Kym Lawn 

Navigating the complex terrains of midlife, relationships, and self-empowerment is no small feat, but with Kym, you're in seasoned hands. With a rich background in Nursing, Sales, and Marketing, she decided to turn her focus towards helping women in the pivotal chapter of midlife.

Her coaching philosophy? "You're not broken. You're whole and perfect"

Kym is a certified Life and Sex, Love, and Relationship Coach who specializes in empowering women over 45 to rediscover their magic. What sets her apart is her holistic approach, seeing each client as a whole woman rather than a problem to be solved.

In 2019, she served as a mentor for Layla Martin's Sex, Love, and Relationship Coaching (SLRC) program, amplifying her impact and extending her expertise in sensuality and relationships.
Always curious, she's explored various modalities from NLP and Energy Medicine to Tantra, believing that "you don't know what you don't know."

Through her business, Untamed Midlife, Kym offers one-on-one coaching, group packages, membership programs and mentoring that guide women towards a renewed sense of self, purpose, and well-being.

Join her to plant the seeds for a thriving, empowered life. Your journey to a flourishing future starts here.


How do QuickShift Sessions work?

QuickShift Sessions are 20-minute intensive coaching calls focused on delivering immediate clarity and change. You bring the topic, I bring the transformational tools.

What makes QuickShift Sessions unique and effective?

Each session is designed for maximum impact. My multi-faceted approach leverages a range of personal development modalities to offer tailored, effective solutions in just 20 minutes.

Who should consider a QuickShift Session? 

Any woman navigating midlife challenges who needs a quick but impactful shift in perspective, emotional state, or decision-making.

What kind of transformation can I expect?

Immediate, actionable insights that empower you to make effective changes, big or small, in your current life situation.

How can I book a session? 

Booking is easy and can be done online - there a payment buttons on this page.  Or, you may email me on if you prefer. Each 20-minute session is priced at just $30 for transformative insights.

Why choose QuickShift Sessions over traditional coaching? 

Sometimes you don't need weeks to see a change; you need it now. QuickShift is designed for those moments, offering rapid, meaningful shifts at an affordable price.


Thank You

Thank you so much Kym Lawn you were such a fantastic mentor and really helped me in my journey with SLRC




This is so beautiful.  Thank you.  I feel bubbles of both excitement and nervousness intermingled as I hear your voice. 



Beautiful Story

Beautiful story you shared... it shows us our power of resilience... we are strong, so strong....

C.P . 



Kym, thank you.  I feel the transmission and your words so deeply




Hello Kym.  Just wanted to share with you how great your advice was to me in your mentor call. 

O. O.



Thank you Kym for all your love.  It was lovely to know you were there when I needed it. 



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