Happy New Year!!

I was sitting with a coffee this morning reflecting on how 2020 was for me personally – it is easy to get distracted by the media version of how the year played out, and how it was the worst year in history.


2020 had some amazing blessings for me:

We welcomed a new grandchild into the family in January

The Man Who Walks Beside Me and I renewed our wedding vows in February

March/April/May slowed my body down, forced me to listen to my truth and start to live differently

June taught me the power of letting go of an outcome

July saw us move into our rural property

In August I hatched my first batch of chickens for over 8 years – filled my soul with Joy!

September/October/November/December deepened my connection to the earth – feeling the flow of the seasons, marvelling at the ever-changing wonder that is my view, deepening my appreciation for what the earth provides.

Sure, there were moments of fear, of grief, of loss…

Overall it was a year of growth, of love and of returning home to myself.

Grab a pen, or write here 3 things that were highlights of 2020

Looking forward to our journey into 2021 together ❤

Kym Lawn
Kym Lawn

With a passion for personal development and over 25 years immersed in energy-based modalities, I bring a depth of experience and wisdom to my coaching at Untamed Midlife.