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The Midlife Oasis Membership: Reclaim Your Sanity and Rediscover Your Spark for Just $7 a Month

Unlock the secrets to stress management and emotional wellbeing for less than the cost of a cappuccino a week 

Introducing:  The Midlife Oasis

My methods are designed to give you peace, joy and emotional wellbeing. 
Learn techniques that are simple to understand, easy to implement, and provide long-lasting results.

Does any of this sound like you?

Tension Tearing at You?
The day's stress often lingers into your personal time.  You crave peace, but don't know how to fully achieve it.
Hormones Playing Havoc?
You are navigating life's second act, and the body-mind link feels more complex than ever

Midlife Musings?
You have more questions than answers when it comes to your emotional landscape at this stage of your life.

Wellness Wishful Thinking?
You aim for self-care, but do you know what genuinely refuels your soul? 
Running on Empty?
The emotional fuel gauge is teetering on 'E', and you're searching for ways to recharge. 


Your Journey at the Oasis 

The Midlife Oasis Membership: Reclaim Your Sanity and Rediscover Your Spark  is a comprehensive $7/month program specifically tailored for women navigating the complexities of midlife. 

Designed by Untamed Midlife, it's segmented into three modules—The Garden's Foundation, Cultivating Harmony, and Thriving Oasis—that holistically address stress management, self-care, emotional intelligence, and much more. 

Each module comes with actionable resources like worksheets, guided audios, and quick-reference guides to provide actionable steps. 

From mastering stress relief basics to fostering resilience, the program aims to be a sanctuary for women to reignite their sensuality and find inner peace, all while enriching their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Personalized Self-Care Tools: Get your hands on worksheets, guided audios, and quick-reference guides designed to make your self-care journey actionable and tailored to your needs.
Holistic Growth: Tackle everything from stress management to emotional intelligence with our segmented modules, offering a 360-degree approach to midlife challenges.
Accessible & Affordable: At just $7/month, unlock a treasure trove of resources and community support that focus on enriching your life without breaking the bank.
Community of Like-Minded Women: Don't go it alone. Join a community of women who are all on a similar journey, providing a supportive and understanding environment to share, learn, and grow.

Module 1: The Garden's Foundation

Understand | Relieve | Cultivate

Understanding Stress 

Discover immediate techniques to reduce stress, enabling you to reclaim a sense of calm

Support Tools:
Downloadable worksheet for tracking stress triggers
Quiz to assess your stress levels 

Immediate Stress Relief Techniques

Regain a sense of calm and control with easy to implement techniques

Support Tools:
Guided audio exercises for breathing and mindfulness
Cheat sheet of quick stress relief exercises

Cultivating Inner Peace

Develop a calm and centered mindset

Support Tools:
Beginners guide to meditation PDF
Downloadable guided visualization audio

Module 2: Cultivating Harmony 

Explore Positive Habits | Design Self Care Routine | Mindset Mastery

Explore Positive Habits

Create habits to support a positive impact on your physical, mental and emotional wellness.

Support Tools:
Habit tracking spreadsheet 
The science of habits

Your Self Care Routine

Nurture your wellbeing and empower yourself to thrive

Support Tools:
Self Care Planner
List of self care activities

Mindset Mastery

Face adversity with strength and bounce back from difficulties

Support Tools:
Worksheet for reframing negative thoughts
Resilience journal prompts

Module 3: Thriving 

Emotional Intelligence | Mind Body Harmony | Thriving Through Challenges 

Emotional Intelligence

Understand how Emotional Intelligence plays a part in your life

Support Tools:
Emotional intelligence quick reference guide
Self assessment quiz on emotional intelligence

Mind Body Harmony

Feel the connection with your body and your emotions

Support Tools:
List of go-to mind body exercises
Mind-Body harmony daily planner


Establish habits that lead to flourishing - building confidence and resilience to navigate challenges, 

Support Tools:
"Challenge to Thriving" roadmap
Set of printable inspirational quotes for resilience. 


"Thank you so deeply for such a delicious, nourishing, energy boosting practice! I haven't been doing practices for myself during this time. Now I'm committing to bringing back the habit of having a regular pleasure practice every day."



"I have been feeling very good after our session. I have been happy with the work and I feel ready to embrace life. So Thank you. I will be sure to recommend you."



"Wonderful course, professionally and playfully delivered. Thank you. You're the bomb!."


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Reclaim Your Sanity and  Rediscover Your Spark - a $7 per month membership program. 

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Kym Lawn Life Transition Coach

Kym Lawn

Life Transition Coach 

I support women at midlife who may feel overwhelmed, adrift, or disconnected from their sensuality and inner peace.  

My dedication to guide you toward a vibrant, fulfilling life is fueled by my own journey and enriched by the wisdom that comes with age and experience.  

I believe in the duality of life - that pleasure and pain, chaos and peace, coexist, and I offer a safe space to explore and embrace it all.  

Think of Untamed Midlife as your guiding light, illuminating the path back to the passions and pleasures you may have set aside.  

I believe in your inherent wholeness and your right to a life rich in sensuality and peace. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is the Oasis Membership?

The Oasis Membership is a monthly subscription program designed specifically for women navigating the complexities of midlife. 

For just $7 a month, you'll gain access to resources and a supportive community that focus on stress management, self-care, emotional intelligence, and more.

Who is this membership for? 

This membership is tailored for women at midlife who are looking to reignite their sensuality, find inner peace, and enrich their physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

What do I get when I join? 

As a member, you'll get access to three comprehensive modules—The Garden's Foundation, Cultivating Harmony, and Thriving Oasis. Each module comes with actionable resources like worksheets, guided audios, and quick-reference guides to provide actionable steps for your self-improvement journey

How is the content rolled out?

When you join the Oasis Membership program, you'll get instant access to all three core modules: "The Garden's Foundation," "Cultivating Harmony," and "Thriving Oasis." 

These modules provide a solid foundation for your journey toward peace and well-being at midlife. 

After that, look forward to new lessons, expert interviews, or other valuable resources being unlocked each month. 

This ensures you have ongoing support and fresh insights to continue your personal growth.

How do I access the materials? 

Once you sign up, you'll receive a secure login to our members-only area where you can access all of the course materials.

Can I cancel my membership? 

Absolutely. While we'd love for you to stay, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Is it really just $7 a month? 

Yes, it's just $7 a month. We wanted to make this membership as accessible as possible for everyone

Is this program only for women at midlife? 

While the program is tailored with a focus on the challenges and opportunities women face at midlife, anyone seeking comprehensive self-care and personal development resources would benefit from the membership.

Do I need any special equipment or software to participate?