Embracing Every Stage: A Journey Through Womanhood

Sunday February 4th 2024 

9:30 - 2pm

Time for yourself

Welcome to an Enlightened Exploration

Join us for a unique workshop that guides you through the pivotal stages of womanhood. From the awakening dreams of the Maiden to the sage wisdom of the Crone, embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

About the Workshop

This 4-hour workshop offers an in-depth exploration of the Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, and Crone stages. Experience a special focus on the empowering transition from nurturing Mother to wise Enchantress, and discover how each stage contributes to a woman's life tapestry.

What you will gain... 

Deeper Self-Understanding: Uncover the unique lessons and strengths of each life stage.
Community Connection: Join a supportive circle of women sharing this journey.
Empowerment: Embrace the wisdom and power of your current and upcoming stages.

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Price: $77 - Includes materials, refreshments, and a special gift.

Frequently asked Questions About the workshop

Who Should Attend?

Women at any life stage, especially those transitioning to or curious about the Enchantress phase.

What Should I Bring?

Just your open heart and mind, and perhaps a yoga mat or low chair if you prefer  - we'll handle the rest!

Refund Policy:

Full refund if cancelled 24 hours prior to event.

Your Hostess

Kym Lawn

Kym is a passionate and dedicated life transition coach, specialising in guiding women through pivotal midlife transformations. Her journey in personal and professional growth has been profoundly shaped by her training with Layla Martin, a renowned figure in the realms of sensuality, sexuality, and personal development.

Under Layla's mentorship, Kym delved deep into the intricacies of sex, love, and relationship coaching, gaining insights and techniques that are at the forefront of holistic well-being and empowerment. This training was a transformative experience that not only enriched Kym's professional skills but also catalysed her personal evolution, leading her to embrace and integrate her learnings into her coaching practice.

Kym's approach is further enhanced by her extensive experience in energy-based modalities. Drawing inspiration from pioneers like Donna Eden and Gary Craig, she has honed her ability to incorporate energy practices into her coaching. This unique blend allows her to offer a holistic perspective that addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of well-being.

With a background in nursing, sales, and marketing, Kym combines practicality with empathy and intuition. She creates a nurturing and supportive environment where women can explore and rediscover their sensuality, embrace their inner strength, and navigate the complexities of midlife with confidence and joy.

As a coach, Kym is known for her compassionate, insightful, and transformative guidance. She is committed to empowering women to break free from societal constraints and internalised barriers, helping them to live lives that are authentic, vibrant, and aligned with their true essence.

Your Agenda

Sunday 4th February 2024

9:30am - 10am: Welcome and Introduction
10am - 10:45am: The Maiden Stage - Awakening and Discovery
10:45 - 11:30am: The Mother Stage - Nurturing and Strength
10:45 - 11:30am: The Mother Stage - Nurturing and Strength
11:30am - 12:15pm: The Enchantress Stage - Empowerment and Wisdom
12:15  - 1pm: Light Lunch 
1pm  - 1:45pm: The Crone Stage - Wisdom and Reflection
Breaks as needed thorough the morning 

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