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Module 1 Maiden

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The Maiden Phase 

Welcome to the Journey of Awakening and Exploration: The Maiden stage represents the dawn of your sensual and personal journey. It's a time of discovery, curiosity, and the initial awakening to the myriad possibilities that lie within you. This phase is characterized by the budding of sensuality, the exploration of self, and the first steps toward understanding your desires and the power of your energy. As Maidens, you are invited to embrace your emerging self, to learn with openness, and to navigate the waters of sensuality with wonder and anticipation.

Module 2 Mother/Creatrix 

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The Mother/Creatrix Phase 

Welcome to the Realm of Nurturing and Creation:
The Mother/Creatrix stage is a celebration of life's flourishing, where you embody nurturing strength, creative power, and a deepened sense of sensuality. It's a time of balancing the dual roles of caretaker and individual, merging the act of giving with the pursuit of personal growth and sensual exploration. This phase invites you to embrace the complexities of life with grace, to foster connections that nourish the soul, and to create a legacy of warmth, wisdom, and well-being.

One Body Meditation

This audio is a guide for you to start languaging how to speak words of love to your body.  Listen through a few times, while following along - then you may say your own script that resonates with you 🙂 

Module 3 Enchantress/Maga/Healer

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Unlocking 16/2/24

Module 4 Crone/Wise Woman

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Unlocking 17/2/24

Kym Lawn

Women's Empowerment Coach

Through a unique blend of traditional life coaching and energy practices, I guide women to rediscover their vibrant selves. My mission is to help you navigate life's transitions with confidence, reconnect with your sensual self, and embrace joy at every stage of your journey.

Personalised One-On-One Session ~ Unlock Your Full Potential in Just 2 Hours

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Identify Your Current Phase: Understand which stage – Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, or Crone – you might be 'stuck' in. This insight is crucial in pinpointing the specific challenges and opportunities you are facing.

Personalized Guidance: Receive tailored advice and strategies from an expert coach who understands the nuances of each life phase. This session is your space to explore, ask questions, and gain clarity.

Evolve and Grow: Develop a personalised plan to move forward. Whether you're transitioning from Maiden to Mother, or Mother to Enchantress, this session will provide you with the tools and insights to smoothly navigate these changes.

Supportive and Safe Environment: Share your experiences and thoughts in a non-judgmental, supportive setting that fosters openness and transformation.

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